Golden Goddess brings you a healthy glow using high-quality airbrush equipment and products with high-standard service. 

Who we are:

Golden Goddess was created and founded by Alexandra Sacasa who has been consulting tanning customers since 2007. Before moving to Maryland for college, Alexandra had been managing a tanning salon in Miami, Florida. It didn’t take long before she realized that the one thing she missed from home apart from family, was the sun! Unfortunately, the price to pay for tanning in beds cost a pretty penny and more importantly, her health. With skin cancer running prevalent in her family, she made a commitment to practice safe-tanning, completely give up tanning beds, and stick with sunless tanning alternatives.

While in college, I missed that healthy golden tan I associated with being outdoors in Miami all the time. I wanted to be able to maintain that appearance, without taking any health risks since skin cancer is prevalent in my family.”

After trial and error and a few orange-streaked days, she realized that the best results came from something she already had experience with – airbrush tanning! She decided that with all her industry knowledge and experience, she could deliver the same high-quality results that she was used to delivering to previous customers, at a fraction of salon costs.

Golden Goddess is committed to bringing a healthy alternative glow to all customers. Alexandra admits that while an airbrush tan may not last as long as a natural tan does, she recognizes that the health benefits last way longer!

I know I’m avoiding premature skin aging, and I look leaner! When I have a healthy glow, I don’t even bother putting makeup on. I feel like I got a pick me up without any guilt, and it feels great.”


What we do:

We are committed to bringing you a healthy airbrush tan utilizing high-quality products with high-standard service. Golden Goddess gives you what most customers need: options! By appointment, we can come to the convenience of your own home and set-up there for a golden color in less than 15 minutes*. After a scheduled appointment, all you need to do is be ready and prepped and we’ll be there!

 *Spray time does not include consultation, or combined spraying-drying time. All customers vary on a case-by-case scenario.


Our satisfaction guarantee: 

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

The best part is that your satisfaction is at the core of what we do. If any customers don’t feel the same, Golden Goddess guarantees a free tan or money back. We’re in the beauty business, we’re not here to stress you out, we’re here to make you look and feel good! Sunless tanning is the healthiest way to get a custom glow and avoid skin damage. Why wait? Try Golden Goddess now and check out our packages!


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