• Get great color in just one session!  

Avoid having to sunbathe for multiple days to develop a base tan, and simply get a safe, healthy glow in just one session!

  • Avoid pesky tan lines

No more tan lines clashing with your outfits. Learn more about what to wear and how to prep for a spray tanning session here.

  • Improve overall skin appearance

Reduces appearance of wrinkles, undesired freckles, skin discoloration, varicose veins, and cellulite.

  • Avoid long-term skin damage

No more sunburns or potential permanent skin damage such as premature skin aging, discoloration, and avoid harmful carcinogens that lead to skin cancer.

  • Look leaner!

Having a golden glow makes you look leaner, younger, and helps improve visual muscle definition.

  • Great for events

Get that extra boost you need for an upcoming event or vacation. Whether you’re going to a wedding, prom, or your High School reunion, look and feel good with a good ‘ol confidence boost!


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