Airbrush Tanning Prices

Single Session

Full Body $45
Half Body $30

Session Packages

2 Sessions $85
5 Sessions $200
10 Sessions $380

Referral Rewards

Refer 1 New Client Get 50% off 1 Session
Refer 2 New Clients Get 1 Free Session

The Diva Package

Get Golden, and stay Golden! Stay on top of your tan by having weekly tanning sessions that will help maintain your golden glow.

$120 Monthly = 4 sessions*
*Includes four sessions per month. Must use sessions within 30 day time frame. Sessions cannot roll over to next month.

The Party Package

What a better way to get some people together for some tanning cocktails? Host a tanning party! Invite 4 or more friends and get golden!

$30 per person*
Host gets to tan for free!
*Price may vary on number of invites.

Schedule your appointment today!


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